The next facilitator training is now planned! September 28 – 30 in Austin, Texas with Dr. Karen Rayne, Jessica Smarr, MPH, and Ryan Dillon, LPC-Intern! The training costs $599 on a sliding scale for those in need. AASECT, LPC, LMFT, and Social Work CEUs are available.

The training includes the entire three days PLUS digital access to Unhushed: The Middle School Curriculum and all of the updates for a full year! After that, continued access will only be $75/year.


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A new kind of curriculum for a modern world!

Our cultural understanding of sexuality has become a fast-paced dialogue with new perspectives, language, and media. Our sexuality education should be the same.



Unhushed: The Middle School Curriculum provides facilitators and educators of all kinds with the tools they need, always updated and always fresh.

With 36 hours of engaging activities, innovative handouts, current media links, and an extensive facilitator guide, Unhushed: The Middle School Curriculum is incredibly comprehensive.

With a digital distribution model, new activities always being added, and information and statistics being updated as they become available, Unhushed: The Middle School Curriculum is a must-have for providing sexual health education to young teens.

The upcoming training will include:

  • self-assessments (how are you growing and learning as a facilitator and how to be aware of your biases and use them to support participant growth),
  • content exploration (what’s new in media STIs, contraception, identity, gender, and consent),
  • classroom management ideas (how to break up into groups, manage groups with a range of sophistication and knowledge, and respond to disruptive participants),
  • program creation (making decisions about what is best for your participants, in your setting, and using Unhushed to support those specific and individual needs)
  • and, of course, an in-depth introduction to Unhushed: The Middle School Curriculum.

If you are interested in learning more about the training or about purchasing the curriculum, please contact Karen directly (

Thank you for your interest in our programing!
Karen Rayne and the Unhushed Team


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