Unhushed is innovated, flexible, and radically up-to-date in an entirely new way. It is a digitally accessed, evidence informed, participant focused program. It is in alignment with the California Healthy Youth Act.

You can learn more about the curriculum by downloading this PDF description:

Trainings are just beginning – the first one was in Durango, Colorado and the second one is in the planning process for August in Austin, Texas. There is also a very exciting discount for preorders available during the months of May and June – 25% off the first year of curriculum access! Email Dr. Karen Rayne (Karen @ Unhushed . Net) to find out more information!

Want to learn more about the program and see a little bit of what it has to offer?

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For individual sexuality educators, the cost for the first year of subscription is $395 and for every year thereafter it is $75.

For institutions in need of 3 or more logins, there is a 15% discount for each login. The first year of subscription is $335 per login and every year thereafter is $63 per login.

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