Unhushed offers innovative, comprehensive sexuality education curriculum. It is flexible and radically up-to-date digitally accessible, evidence0informed, and participant focused.

Developed over ten years and updated regularly, Unhushed is designed to provide facilitators with an engaging, modular program. Participants will come away from the program with an expanded ability to think and talk about sexuality in healthy, diverse, and open ways.

Unless a hard copy is requested, Unhushed will be available exclusively through the online portal accessible above. This allows the authors to add activities and update information as new statistics, medical information, contraception, social media, and more become relevant to the sexuality education context. As new handouts, links, and resources become available, subscribers will receive emails alerting them of the updates.

Schools, churches, teachers, facilitators, and other sexual health professionals can purchase access to the online portal for one year and then maintain access for a much lower annual fee. If you are interested in being trained, trainings for Unhushed has regularly scheduled trainings.

Unhushed: The Middle School Curriculum has six units, with each unit including between two and five two-hour sessions. More Unhushed curricula are in the works, including a comprehensive high school program, parenting programs, and Spanish and Turkish language curricula.


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