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Me Too: Talking About Sexual Harassment & Assault with Adolescents

I was reviewing my lesson plan and prepping my supplies on Sunday night when I first saw people posting #metoo on Facebook and Twitter in response to Alyssa Milano’s tweet:

Camping, Dancing, and Gender Roles

Camping, Dancing, and Gender Roles

This weekend I was at an annual camping/swing dancing/swimming event that is a favored April event in our household. Some 250 – 300 people show up and put on the greatest party and potluck you could imagine! This year there were two aspects of the event that stood out to me: 1.  Swing dancing is a…

Talking Together: Get a Foot in the Door, Not a Door in the Face

As humans we communicate in many different ways and as technology changes our communication pathways will expand and become easier but complicated at the same time. What do I mean by that? With the rise of texting and social media it lessens the need for a key component to communication: speaking. Even though technology has…

Let’s Talk About Sex….With Teenagers!

Let's Talk About Sex....With Teenagers!

Let’s Talk About Sex! Now, when most of us read those four words together our minds automatically start singing the Salt-N-Pepa song from the early 90’s. Hey, if that helps you think about sex then I say sing it loud and sing it proud!   What I’m talking about is Breaking the Hush Factor: Ten…

First Moon Parties, humiliation, and humor

First Moon Parties, humiliation, and humor

This ad has been circulating recently, and many people are highly amused. There are are also many outraged people. I get both sides on this one, because I think there’s both really good and really bad here. So let’s watch and then break it down a little bit: The good: A girl who’s excited to…

Condom Week: Today’s debate: Providing condoms for your teens…?

Condom Week: Today's debate: Providing condoms for your teens...?

No side: BUT THEN THEY’LL HAVE SEX! Yes side: But if they want to, they’ll have sex anyway. I do an experiment with my classes every now and then, for fun. I ask them through an anonymous question and answer system whether they plan to have sex later in the day or that night. Because…

Condom Week: Who can talk about it?

Condom Week: Who can talk about it?

Who has the right to talk with your child about sexuality? What about your teenager? Or your adult child? These are questions parents often start to grapple with far earlier than they realized that they would have to. A parent came to me once, very distraught, because her eight-year-old daughter and told another eight-year-old girl…

Condom Week: “Are you using condoms?”

Condom Week: "Are you using condoms?"

I’ve decided that it’s Condom Week around here at Unhushed. Melissa White over at Lucky Bloke recently asked if I wanted to provide content for her new safer sex education website, and of course I was delighted! But when I went back to look through my blogging archives (both here and at, I found that I had…

When’s the online class starting?

When's the online class starting?

I have people ask for an online sexuality class for middle school and high school students occasionally. I wish I had one to give them. But here’s the honest truth: Formal online education is still in its infancy. I’ve been teaching online at the college level for about five years now. This was an endeavor…

The tangled nature of sexy and violent: Welcome to the dirty game, Halloween

The tangled nature of sexy and violent: Welcome to the dirty game, Halloween

Sexy Halloween costumes are evident everywhere we go, all October long. I have been inundated with commentary on these kinds of costumes, and given it myself, for years. I’m emotionally exhausted by it, so I don’t write about it anymore. But this year, my deepest outrage, sorrow, and grief over the way we are expressing…