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Talking Together: Get a Foot in the Door, Not a Door in the Face

As humans we communicate in many different ways and as technology changes our communication pathways will expand and become easier but complicated at the same time. What do I mean by that? With the rise of texting and social media it lessens the need for a key component to communication: speaking. Even though technology has…

Condom Week: Who can talk about it?

Condom Week: Who can talk about it?

Who has the right to talk with your child about sexuality? What about your teenager? Or your adult child? These are questions parents often start to grapple with far earlier than they realized that they would have to. A parent came to me once, very distraught, because her eight-year-old daughter and told another eight-year-old girl…

FYI (if you’re a parent to a teenager)

FYI (if you're a parent to a teenager)

Dear Parents, I have some information that might interest you. Your teenage sons have raging hormones – so do your teenage daughters. So, for that matter, do your trans* and queer teenagers. So let’s start this letter by leaving off the gender-specific nature of some of these conversations, shall we? Adolescence is tricky enough without…