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Me Too: Talking About Sexual Harassment & Assault with Adolescents

I was reviewing my lesson plan and prepping my supplies on Sunday night when I first saw people posting #metoo on Facebook and Twitter in response to Alyssa Milano’s tweet:

I Don’t Know!

I Don't Know!

In their 2014 book, Think Like a Freak, Stephen Levitt and Stephen Dubner claimed that the three hardest words in the English Language to say are “I don’t know.” This isn’t the wildest claim to make. If knowledge is power, then admitting you don’t know something can seem akin to a pro wrestler climbing into…

Caring Before Sharing

Caring Before Sharing

In the spring of 2009, I was a junior in high school and cable news anchors were warning parents about the dangers of sexting. For me, this was just another tech threat that my parents didn’t need to worry about, though they probably still would.  The internet and I grew up together, with the first…