About Ryan Dillon

Ryan Dillon is a Mental Health Counselor (LPC-Intern) in Austin, Texas and has two passions: sexuality education and counseling transgender adolescents and teenagers. Ryan recently moved to Austin after completing his Masters of Arts in Education in Kentucky where he sat on the board of the Kentucky Counseling Association. Since moving to Austin, Ryan has become involved in organizations such as the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance, Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit, and The Human Empathy Project. He has worked with Unhushed since August 2016. To learn more about Ryan you can visit his website, www.ryandilloncounseling.com.






About Jessica Smarr

Jessica Smarr has just begun her career as a sexuality educator. She completed her Master of Public Health with Texas A&M in 2016, where she focused primarily on pathways to improving sexual health in high risk populations. While completing her graduate course work, Jessica provided sexual health information to Texas A&M students through the university’s Peer Health Educator program. She has worked with Unhushed since January 2016.