About Dr. Rayne

Dr. Karen Rayne has been working in education for the past two decades with an expertise in sexuality education. Her PhD is in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, where she focused on ethics education and the choices that adolescent mothers make. She began working in sexuality education in 2007 by providing comprehensive sexuality education classes for middle school students and human sexuality classes for college students through Psychology departments.

Dr. Rayne is passionate about providing comprehensive sexuality education to people of all ages and stages with sensitivity and a touch of humor. She founded Unhushed in order to expand her educational reach and to open family conversations about sexuality in the home. In addition to providing direct sexuality education to teenagers and adults and writing books, Dr. Rayne writes curriculum and trains sexuality educators in order to expand their skills.

Dr. Rayne provides service to the larger field of sexuality education through her work with the National Sex Ed Conference and Associate Editor of the American Journal for Sexuality Education. Providing leadership in expanding social justice and racial equity in sexuality education is a primary focus of her work among her professional colleagues.

Dr. Rayne’s newest books include GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You and Help Your Kids With AdolescenceGIRL, which will be published through the American Psychological Association’s Magination Press, is written as a friendly and accessible guide for older teen self-identified girls as they navigate the tricky waters of emerging sex and sexuality. Help Your Kids With Adolescence, which will be published through DK Publishers, is designed for parents and younger teens to read together to increase their family dialogue about all of the many aspects of puberty and adolescence. Both will be available for sale in July of 2017.

Dr. Rayne’s older books include Breaking the Hush Factor: Ten rules for talking with teenagers about sex, which is designed to support all adults as they interact with young people grappling with their emerging understanding of identity and sexuality. The rules are concrete in order to support a clear process of self-evaluation and support for the adult, and distinct ways of engaging in conversation with teenagers. In 2015, Dr. Rayne was the chief editor of How I Got Into Sex…Ed, an anthology of more than sixty-first person essays by sexuality educators. The anthology includes professions brand new to the field to those who are well known and admired, including the former Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders. Her article on adolescents, sexuality, and linguistics was also recently published in The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality.

Dr. Rayne’s past work in curriculum writing includes the following projects:

  • Two parent-child communication curricula, one for the Unitarian Universalist Association and one in conjunction with the United Nations Population Fund and the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health. The Unitarian Universalist curriculum targets parents of middle school age students while the Zimbabwean curriculum is directed towards families including 10 – 21 year olds.
  • Three comprehensive sexuality curricula for the organization Girls, Inc. spanning participant ages 9 – 18.

Beyond curriculum writing, Dr. Rayne is continuing to partner with Sam Killermann as an educational performer providing support and information for adults in their show S.E.X.: An evening of laughing, learning, and lasciviousness.

When at home in Austin, Texas, Dr. Rayne enjoys time with her wife, three daughters, and two dogs. On the rare occasions that she breaks away from working in sexuality education and spending time with her family, Dr. Rayne enjoys country western and swing dancing, traveling, and baking.

What’s Karen doing now?

Karen is currently working on two books and three curricula.

One of the most exciting things upcoming for 2017, though, is that Karen is writing her Unhushed middle school curriculum into an online, purchasable program! Yep, you read that right! By August of 2017, you will be able to buy it and implement it in your own program. Karen will be available for trainings, but they are not required in order to buy the curriculum.

More details and information are here!